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Bright Ideas in EducationBright Ideas
Current 2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Madison County
Brush Creek Elementary: Joy Allen, Roslyn Carney & Jennifer Miller
Madison Early College: Scott Whitney
Madison High: Georgina Ray
Madison Middle: Kerstin Davis, Thomas Hicks & Don Schiffhauer
Mars Hill Elementary: Crystal Blankenship & Holly Massey

Mitchell County
Deyton Elementary: Kelli Chapman
Harris Middle: Laura Cole
Mitchell High: Melissa Cadell

Yancey County
Cane River Elementary: Christy Deyton, Victoria Hensley, Keli Miller & Karen Stevens
Clearmont Elementary: Erin McKinney
East Yancey Middle: Chris Brocci, Beryl Carroll & Jenny Martin
Micaville Elementary: Karen Fox
Mountain Heritage High: Daniel McKinney

Unicoi County, TN
Unicoi High: Karla Keesecker

North Carolina teachers are professionals who consistently and creatively inspire our state’s youth, usually stretching shoestring budgets or spending from their own pockets as they educate. In addition to instructing their students in academics, teachers serve as role models, boost self esteem, teach individual and community values, coach sports, lead clubs and stress the importance of education and its grounding effect on their future life’s work.

In addition to stimulating student participation, these diverse classroom projects, which frequently benefit the school and its greater community, integrate multiple academic subjects, cutting-edge technology, social awareness and multigenerational relationships.

Besides providing electric service to members, North Carolina’s rural electric cooperatives believe supporting teachers – and their bright ideas – is a vital part of their mission to improve the lives of the more than 2.5 million people they serve in 93 counties throughout the state.

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