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Our Energy

Explanation of Charges

The "Electric Charge" is a charge per kilowatt-hour used during the billing cycle. This charge is equivalent to the rate that is appropriate for the account in question.
    *Residential (NC or TN)
    *Commercial (NC or TN)
    *Large Power (NC or TN)

The "Purchase Power Fuel Charge" is a charge that covers the cost of the fuel that Duke Energy, our electricity provider, uses to generate electricity. The fuel generation could be any source, such as natural gas, coal, nuclear, diesel, solar, wind, hydro, etc. This charge fluctuates from month to month depending on the price and the mix of fuel.

The "Basic Facilities Charge" is the fee that covers our costs to maintain and service the facilities which provide your residence the electrical service, such as the wire and transformer. It also covers the costs associated with reading the meter, processing the reading, creating and mailing the bill along with postage, and collecting and posting the payments. It is a set fee that applies to each meter on our system.
    *Primary Residential = $17.00
    *Secondary Residential = $13.00
    *Small Commercial, Single Phase = $24.00
    *Small Commercial, Three Phase = $39.00
    *Large Power = $39.00

The "Tax" is a utility tax on all items of the bill.
    *NC tax rate is 7%
      (All NC accounts are taxable except State or Federal accounts OR accounts that have been approved for State special manufacturing tax, which are exempt).
    *TN tax rate varies:
        * Residential, Churches, Schools, Organizations = 0%
        * Small Commercial = 7%
        * Large Power = 1.5%

The "NC Renewable Energy Recovery Fee" is the fee that covers our costs to meet the renewable mandate requirements set forth in Senate Bill 3.
    * The current rate is $0.40 for a residential customer account
    * The current rate is $1.75 for a small commercial account
    * The current rate is $11.67 for a large power account
       *Note: TN accounts are not charged.
       *Note: This rate changes April 1st of each year.

The "NC Energy Efficiency Rider" is a fee that we charge to recover the costs associated with complying with the state mandated energy efficiency program.
   *Residential = $1.21
   *Small Commercial = $1.16
   *Large Power = $1.16
      *Note: TN accounts are not charged.
      *Note: This rate changes April 1st of each year.

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