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French Broad Fiber Internet Service

French Broad Fiber Logo French Broad EMC is answering the call to bring broadband service to Madison County at the speed of light! Technology is moving at a fast and furious pace, and French Broad EMC has implemented a fiber-based communication system across our electric grid to power utility solutions into the future. With this investment, we can use our existing fiber backbone to also provide a fiber-to-the-premise Internet service through French Broad Fiber. Our rural service territory will no longer be underserved now that we can provide an affordable and reliable high-speed solution. Due to the initial cost to build a fiber network to every home, our primary focus during the first phases of our implementation is to cover underserved and unserved areas with higher customer density. Once those phases are completed we hope to have enough recurring funds to begin building to the more rural areas of Madison County. Eventually we hope to offer service to most of our members in Madison County. Here is a map of the current areas we serve as well as our proposed areas in our next deployment. FBEMC also offers enterprise-level fiber solutions in Madison, Yancey and Mitchell counties so contact us for more information.

Why FB Fiber provides a better Internet!

Reliability: Fiber's main conductor is glass, which cannot generate electricity, so it is resistant to all sorts of interference and produces a connection of superior quality.
Speed: Fiber redefines the "high-speed" experience. Our introductory package offers speeds of 10Mbps down and 10Mbps up, which is roughly 100 times faster than traditional dial-up and nearly 5 times faster than basic DSL or cable packages. Our 100Mbps UltraFast package is almost twice as fast as our nearest competitor in the area. This isn't any high-speed platform; it's fiber-speed.
Support: French Broad Fiber is backed by the same quality of support you are used to receiving from French Broad Electric for your electric service. You will be billed on the same billing statement, you can call and talk to the same FBEMC support staff and our employees are all based in Marshall, NC so we take pride in supporting our friends, families and neighbors.

Check out how we compare to local providers in the chart below. There really is no comparison!
ISP Comparison


  • 3/12/18 - We are moving forward with construction on our Grandview phase! Our crews have already started building main line fiber in the area. If the weather cooperates, we hope to begin installing service in the next 2-3 months. We continue to schedule installations in the Gabriels Creek phase and have already installed service to more than 25 customers in that area.

  • 1/11/18 - We are continuing to complete installations in the Bull Creek area while also working on installing main line fiber in Gabriels Creek. If the weather continues to cooperate we hope to begin installations in the Gabriels Creek area sometime in March.

  • 9/29/17 - We have received enough responses to move forward with our Gabriel's Creek area deployment! We will begin building backbone fiber in the next few months in that area and hope to start connecting customers in the next 4-6 months if not sooner.

  • 8/29/17 - We installed service to our first customer in the Bull Creek area today! We will be contacting those who have expressed an interest in service in the coming weeks to continue our phase 2 deployment throughout September and October.

  • 7/31/17 - Construction on our main line fiber in the Bull Creek area continues while we await the shipment of additional fiber and hardware. We hope to begin installing service to customers in that area in the next 2-3 months.

  • 6/9/17 - We have received enough responses to move forward with our Bull Creek area deployment! We will begin building backbone fiber next week in that area and hope to start connecting customers in the next 3-4 months.

  • 5/30/17 - We are contacting customers in the Bull Creek area of Mars Hill to gauge interest in our service. If enough customers respond we will start phase two our deployment in that area.

  • 5/1/17 - Our pilot program was a success so we are expanding near our pilot area and offering service in the Long Branch, North Long Branch, Tillery Branch and Windswept Ridge areas in Marshall.

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