The data on this page represents the estimated monthly kilowatt-hour usage for many common household appliances and electrical devices. Please remember that these are only estimated averages and that exact power consumption varies based on brand, size, age and several other factors. The following data shows the appliance or device, its average wattage, its approximate frequency of use in an average household, and the estimated cost based on 13.5 cents per kWh. The cost is based on 30 days of use at the frequency indicated. To calculate kWh usage the following formula is used: (Device Wattage) multiplied by (hours used) then divided by (1000). To get the cost you then multiply $0.135 by the calculated kWh.

Air Conditioner – Window1,5008hrs per day$48.60
Air Conditioner – Central 2-ton2,5008 hr./day$81.00
Air Purifier5012 hr./day$2.43
Attic Fan37012 hr./day$17.98
Automatic Blanket1508 hr./day$4.86
Blender2501 hr./mo.$0.03
Bug Zapper10024 hr./day$9.72
Ceiling Fan – Low Setting106 hr./day$0.24
Ceiling Fan – High Setting1006 hr./day$2.43
Cell Phone Charger104 hr./day$0.16
Ceramic Space Heater1,5008 hr./day$48.60
Clock Radio3024 hr./day$2.92
Clothes Dryer4,00016 loads/mo.$8.64
Clothes Washer40016 loads/mo.$0.86
Coffee Maker1,0001 hr./day$4.05
Computer – Average Use755 hr./day$1.52
Computer Monitor – 17″ CRT1005 hr./day$2.03
Computer Monitor – 19″ LCD255 hr./day$0.51
Dehumidifier48012 hr./day$23.33
Dishwasher1,20016 loads/mo.$2.59
Food Freezer – 20 year old16024 hr./day$15.55
Food Freezer – New model8024 hr./day$7.78
Frying Pan1,2002 hr./mo.$0.32
Hair Dryer1,2505 min./day$0.42
Heat Pump – 2-ton Heating with electric strips on very cold days15,0006 hr./day$364.50
Heat Pump – 2-ton Heating3,7508 hr./day$121.50
Heat Pump – 2-ton Cooling2,7508 hr./day$89.10
Hot Tub – Well Insulated3,000Cycling 15% on 85% off$43.74
Humidifier120120 hr./mo.$1.94
Iron1,1005 hr./mo.$0.74
Lighting – Incandescent – 60 watts608 hr./day$1.94
Lighting – Incandescent – 100 watts1008 hr./day$3.24
Lighting – LED – 10 watts (equivalent to 60-watt incandescent)108 hr./day$0.32
Lighting – LED – 16 watts (equivalent to 100-watt incandescent)168 hr./day$0.52
Microwave Oven1,00010 min./day$0.67
Motor 1HP1,00010 hr./day$40.50
Mixer12730 min./month$0.01
Oven2,6251 hr./day$10.63
Radio/Stereo1001 hr./day$0.41
Range – large burner2,40030 min./day$4.86
Refrigerator – 22 cu. ft. – 20 year old model18524 hr./day$17.98
Refrigerator – 22 cu. ft. – new model7624 hr./day$7.39
Swimming Pool Pump – 1HP1,00012 hr./day$48.60
Television – 50 inch LCD1504 hr./day$2.43
Television – 50 inch LED1004 hr./day$1.62
Toaster1,1005 min./day$0.37
Vacuum Cleaner6302 hr./mo.$0.17
Well Pump1,0001 hr./day$4.05
Water Heater4,0003 hr./day$48.60