Payment Options


Pay online using our billing website or mobile app

By Phone

Pay toll free over the phone at 1-844-294-5697

In Person

Pay with cash, check, or card at our offices

Bank Draft

Set up auto draft from a checking or savings account

By Mail

Mail in your payment with your payment stub

  • Pay by eCheck or Credit Card

  • View your Daily and monthly usage

  • View, save and print your current and past bills

  • Manage multiple accounts under the same login

  • Schedule payments

Use our automated phone payment system to pay anytime using a credit card or e-check. You’ll need your FBEMC account number.

Members can set up automatic bank draft and avoid manually paying bills each month.

Our FlexPay pay as you go program allows you to easily keep track of daily usage and avoid deposits and monthly bills.

  • Online and phone payments via eCheck or Credit Card will be posted to your account on the next business day.

  • The minimum credit card payment amount allowed at all of our locations is $15.

  • Call your district office to make a change to your phone number, email address, or billing address

Resources for understanding electrical usage & billing

Capital Credits

Since French Broad Electric Cooperative is a nonprofit organization, any money left over after paying all of its expenses in a given year is credited to member’s capital credit account. Click HERE to read more about what that means for you.


What is a kilowatt hour (kWh)?2019-09-11T16:26:50-05:00

A kWh is a measure of energy use. It is equivalent to the amount of energy a 1,000 watt appliance would use in the course of an hour.

How Do I Report An Outage?2021-11-16T14:33:05-05:00

Our metering system automatically notifies us when power is out and repair crews are dispatched. We make all efforts to respond as quickly as possible to any outage whether it affects many members or just one home.

If your power outage is noted on our outage map, there is no need to report it. If it is not, please call the numbers below corresponding to the area in which you are located:

  • MADISON – (828)649-2051

  • MITCHELL – (828)688-4815

  • TN/MADISON – (800)222-6190

  • YANCEY – (828)682-6121

After 4:30 PM:

  • MADISON – (828)649-2051

  • MITCHELL/YANCEY – (828)682-6121

  • TN/MADISON – (800)222-6190

How Can I See My Bill2021-10-08T19:04:13-05:00

To view your electrical usage, or bills, please login to our online bill pay website. You will need to click “Register Now” on the right side of the screen the first time you login. You can also download our mobile app using the links below. Learn more about our billing options HERE.



8:00am – 4:30pm



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