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Since French Broad Electric Cooperative is a nonprofit organization, any money left over after paying all of its expenses in a given year is credited to member’s capital credit account. Click below to read more about what that means for you.

French Broad EMC has a late fee for any past due account. The fee is equal to 1.5% of the total past due amount with a $5.00 minimum and is compounded monthly.

The late fee was established in September 1st of 2010 after finding at least 35% of member accounts were past due during a period of twelve months. In the best interest of all our members we cannot afford to finance past due bills without this consequence.

The “Electric Charge” is a charge per kilowatt-hour used during the billing cycle. This charge is equivalent to the rate that is appropriate for the account in question.
* Residential (NC or TN)
* Commercial (NC or TN)
* Large Power (NC or TN)

The “Purchase Power Fuel Charge” is a charge that covers the cost of the fuel that Duke Energy, our electricity provider, uses to generate electricity. The fuel generation could be any source, such as natural gas, coal, nuclear, diesel, solar, wind, hydro, etc. This charge fluctuates from month to month depending on the price and the mix of fuel.

The “Basic Facilities Charge” is the fee that covers our costs to maintain and service the facilities which provide your residence the electrical service, such as the wire and transformer. It also covers the costs associated with reading the meter, processing the reading, creating and mailing the bill along with postage, and collecting and posting the payments. It is a set fee that applies to each meter on our system.

The “Tax” is a utility tax on all items of the bill.
* NC tax rate is 7%
(All NC accounts are taxable except State or Federal accounts OR accounts that have been approved for State special manufacturing tax, which are exempt).
* TN tax rate varies:
* Residential, Churches, Schools, Organizations = 0%
* Small Commercial = 9.75% (7% state rate + 2.75% Unicoi rate)
* Large Power = 1.5%

The “NC Renewable Energy Recovery Fee” is the fee that covers our costs to meet the renewable mandate requirements set forth in Senate Bill 3.
Click here for current fee
*Note: TN accounts are not charged.
*Note: This rate changes April 1st of each year.

The “NC Energy Efficiency Rider” is a fee that we charge to recover the costs associated with complying with the state mandated energy efficiency program.
Click here for current fee
*Note: TN accounts are not charged.
*Note: This rate changes April 1st of each year.

Consumer Deposit per Account

  • Residential: $500.00
  • Commercial: $500.00 or estimate of two month’s power bill when in full operation (whichever is greater)

**Deposit may be waived with approved letter of credit
**Deposit, plus interest, will be applied as credit to customer’s account after 12 consecutive months of on time payments

Service Charge (meter installation)

  • Normal Business Hours: $25.00 (plus tax)
  • After hours: $75.00 (plus tax)

Reconnect Fee (after disconnect for non-payment)

  • Normal Business Hours: $50.00 (plus tax)
  • After hours: $75.00 (plus tax)

Meter Tampering Fee

  • 1st Offense: $100.00 (plus tax)
  • 2nd Offense: $200.00 (plus tax)

**There may be additional charges for applicable reconnect fees and estimated unmetered power usage


  • Non Automated Meter – Monthly Fee: $20 (plus tax)
  • Non Automated Meter – Missed Reading Fee: $250 (plus tax)
  • Meter Fee (for stolen or deliberately damaged meters): Between $150.00 & $235.00 (depending on meter type) plus tax
  • Metal Meter Cover: $7.50 (plus tax)
  • Glass Meter Cover: $6.50 (plus tax)
  • Meter Test Fee: $50.00 (plus tax) – Must be paid in advance
  • Returned Check Charge: $30.00
  • Security Light – (Connect/Reconnection/Relocation): $25.00 (plus tax)
  • Trip Charge: $250.00 (plus tax)

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