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Internet & Phone From Your EMC?

Technology is moving at a fast and furious pace, and connectivity is more vital now than ever! French Broad Fiber is answering the call to bring modern broadband service to our rural membership in Madison County!

Coverage Area

Map Legend Blue: Current Service Areas | Orange: Areas Under Construction | Yellow: Proposed Service Areas

Plans and Pricing

NO data limits, contracts or surprise charges… just lightning fast consistent service! Choose from our two broadband options which include a managed Wi-Fi router and free installation.* We also offer unlimited home phone service, business services, and dark fiber enterprise solutions. Internet and phone charges are added to your existing FBEMC electric bill. If you’re currently in one of our coverage areas and would like to request service, please sign our service agreement HERE.

Fast Fiber

  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps Upload & Download
  • Managed Wi-Fi Router Included
  • NO Contract

GigaFast Fiber

  • Speeds up to 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) Upload & Download
  • Managed Wi-Fi Router Included
  • NO Contract

Unlimited Phone

$1500mo. + $5 tax/fees
  • Only available with our Fiber Internet
  • Unlimited Calls: All 50 States + Canada
  • Keep current number or set up new one
  • Compatible with all home phones

**Some installations (primarily those including boring under pavement) may not be fully covered by FBEMC. These members will be notified beforehand.

Request Internet Service

Request Internet service or sign telephone service documents

Fiber Support

View User Guides & Frequently Asked Questions or ask for assistance.

Terms & Policies

Read Terms of Service, Privacy & Acceptable Usage Policies & Disclosures.


We’re so confident you’ll love our fiber optic services that we have a NO TERM CONTRACT! If you decide the service is not for you at any time, just let us know and return your router. No termination fees apply! There is no need to lock in our members with time commitments, termination fees and stipulations. You’ll recognize superior service and value when you experience it.

Frequently Asked Fiber Questions:

Will I be notified about internet & phone service availability?2021-10-06T14:10:56-05:00

Yes! FBEMC will send a notification by mail (to the billing address we have on file) when fiber services are available in your area. Even if your area shows as “Under Construction” on our Coverage Map, or you’ve seen our crews working on fiber infrastructure on your road, service may not be available to your home quite yet. This notification will include the required internet service agreement.

Is Fiber Internet & Phone Available In My Area?2021-10-06T14:12:35-05:00

Check our Fiber Coverage Area Map for a visual reference of areas currently served and those under construction.

Why Is French Broad Fiber Internet Not Available In My Area?2021-10-06T14:12:17-05:00

While FBEMC already has a substantial backbone to serve fiber Internet in Madison County we must build the new network to each individual neighborhood in order to deliver service. This process takes some time, but our long term goal is to cover all of our members in Madison County!

Do I Need My Own Wi Fi Router?2021-10-06T14:11:14-05:00

No! We provide you with a high quality wireless router at installation for no additional charge. Our router connects directly to our fiber network and uses both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless frequencies to ensure the highest performance and coverage possible. The router also comes with 4 wired network ports so you can connect directly to any of your devices if necessary.

Does French Broad Fiber Provide An Email Account?2021-10-06T14:11:33-05:00

No. We do not offer email service to keep our costs as low as possible and because there are so many great FREE email services already available. We recommend Gmail, but other quality services include and YahooMail.

Does French Broad Fiber Have Data Caps or Monthly Limits?2019-10-22T18:22:03-05:00

No! Our service offers truly unlimited data, so your connection will always be the same speed throughout the month no matter how much you use your service. There are NEVER any overage charges, you only pay the fixed monthly cost for your chosen level of service.

How Is Fiber Different Than Other Broadband Services?2019-10-22T17:08:05-05:00

Fiber Internet is the gold standard for residential and business Internet connections. Fiber offers much faster speeds over longer distances than traditional copper-based technologies like DSL and cable.  Data is sent on fiber optic cables via pulses of light, so the signal is very fast. Unlike other “high-speed” platforms, you’re not sharing bandwidth with others outside of your home. So it doesn’t matter what your neighbors are watching, playing, or doing; you have your very own high-speed highway coming right into your home. Whether you’re watching a movie on Netflix or video chatting with family across the globe, with the right equipment to support your fiber-speed connection, your experience will be seamless and quick. Fiber also offers the lowest latency available so gamers will enjoy a higher quality connection with less jitter and lag.

Does FBEMC offer TV Services?2024-01-05T14:01:40-05:00

We do not offer TV services or packages. However, many members utilize our internet service to switch from traditional satellite or cable TV to third party internet based TV “streaming” services. Note that a streaming device (Roku, Fire Stick, etc.) is required to use these services on each TV unless it is a smart TV. Click HERE for the easiest way to compare streaming service options and pricing.

What is Fiber-Optics?2019-09-11T16:37:27-05:00

Fiber is a thin glass wire that transfers light (or optical) signals, rather than electrical signals transferred by copper wire. We use our growing fiber optic network to serve members with incredibly fast and reliable internet and VOIP phone service. Click HERE for more info on what FBEMC does with fiber and see if you are in our expanding network area.


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