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Streaming 101

What is Streaming?

Streaming is a way to watch TV through internet-connected devices. These programs can be watched at anytime, from anywhere on compatible devices.

Streaming Must Haves

You must have a device that connects to the internet and can download apps. You can use a streaming device such as Roku Stick or Fire TV Stick to convert any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV.

Compatible Devices

Smart TVs, streaming devices, computers, tablets, or smartphones are capable of streaming. Make sure the streaming service you choose is compatible with the device(s) you want to watch on.

Find Your Bundle

Follow the “Find My Bundle” link below. Answer a few questions about your TV interests and view recommended streaming services based on your interests.

Why Streaming?

Streaming is a great cost effective alternative to traditional TV service. Watch what you want, when you want. Additionally, most streaming services allow you to access your local news channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a DVR option with live streaming?2024-01-05T09:35:33-05:00

Most live TV subscriptions allow you to record shows. You will see options to record, save for later, or add to my list. These give you the ability to watch them on your own time. They may cost extra depending on the service.

What does bundling services mean?2024-01-05T09:41:48-05:00

There are multiple plans that provide more than one streaming service under one payment option. For example you can get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN bundled together for less than it would cost to purchase separately. There are other services that provide similar bundling options as well.

How much do streaming services typically cost?2024-01-05T09:34:54-05:00

Prices range from Free-$149.99 a month. The price range is significant because there are many options to choose from such as ad-free or bundling multiple services. You can tailor your streaming services to your needs.

What is the benefit of streaming?2024-01-05T09:42:48-05:00

It gives you access to entertainment on your terms and your time. This allows you to tailor the content you pay for instead of paying for an expensive package and only watching a small percentage of available channels. It can meet your needs while still being cost effective.

How do I sign up for a subscription?2024-01-05T09:33:31-05:00

You can go to the service’s website or sign up through the app. You will select which plan you want and enter your billing information. It will ask you to create a username and password. That information is how you access your account on all compatible devices.

Is this an additional cost to my Fiber Internet?2024-01-05T09:32:54-05:00

Yes, this is an alternative to traditional TV service. French Broad Electric does not personally provide these services. They are obtained on your own.

If I switch to streaming, will I lose my local TV?2024-01-05T09:31:40-05:00

Getting rid of your cable doesn’t mean you have to lose your local TV. There are streaming services that provide a range of channels including local ones. These include Philo, YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu-Live, and others.


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