French Broad Fiber keeps information about its customers such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and details about the Internet services used by the customer. French Broad Fiber considers all of this information to be private. In addition, French Broad Fiber keeps logs of limited technical information pertaining to matters such as customer connectivity quality. These logs are retained on a temporary basis in order to insure the highest quality of service possible, and no logs are retained permanently. The only circumstances wherein French Broad Fiber will disclose any of the above-mentioned information to a third party are:

  • In the course of providing services our customers have specifically requested, such as our VoIP services, French Broad Fiber may make some of this information available to our affiliates in order to fulfill the requirements of order processing.
  • In the event we receive a legitimate, legally-mandated request for customer information, French Broad Fiber will respond only within the scope of that request.

French Broad Fiber will not otherwise disclose any private information about its customers to any other third party.