All advertised speeds are “UP TO” advertised speed and are not guaranteed (especially over WiFi). For detailed info on how speedtests work and and improving your speedtest results, checkout the article HERE

Speedtest Notes:

  • Speedtests depend on many factors including: network traffic from your connected devices, other traffic from your computer, traffic on the site hosting the test, etc.
  • Speed limitations:
    • WiFi – 2.4GHz will deliver a max speed of 70-80Mbps
    • WiFi – 5GHz will deliver a max speed of 300-500Mbps
    • Hardwired connection (via ethernet cable) can deliver 1Gbps of bandwidth to a device.
  • Range effect: distance and materials between the router and the wirelessly connected device weaken the connection strength which causes proportionate deterioration of speed.
  • Device limitations: Age and processing power of the device play a role, and testing at 1Gbps is unlikely unless you are using a fairly new computer.
  • Notable speed or connectivity problems are most commonly issues with wireless devices involving interference or range.
  • For additional tips to maximize the performance of your service please see our WiFi Tips sheet.

If you have reviewed the info above and think there are issues causing your service to under-perform, please give us a call for troubleshooting. Be aware that requesting a technician visit for onsite speedtesting will result in a service charge.