If you are having issue with signal strength in an area of the your home first make sure your router’s immediate surroundings are clear of any electronic devices. (E.G. If your router is sitting behind your TV, the Wi-Fi signal will not pass through in that direction well.) Home size, building materials, and layout, can also impact signal strength.

We can offer a mesh device, which will pair with your router in order to put out the same Wi-Fi signal from a secondary point.

This device can connect to the router wirelessly (in which case it needs to be located in a midway point between the router and area with poor signal strength) or via ethernet cable. It provides a seamless handoff between connection points when devices move throughout the house. A mesh unit is $5 per month, there is no contract, and we can help with the setup and troubleshooting. Call us with questions or to request a mesh unit.