Wi-Fi calling is a feature that allows you to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network if cellular service is unavailable. It is important to note that Wi-Fi calling doesn’t lock you into making phone calls solely through a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, it essentially acts as a backup solution for your phone calls.

When Wi-Fi calling is enabled on a smartphone, the device will attempt to prioritize using the Wi-Fi connection for phone calls. However, depending on your carrier and how they have Wi-Fi calling setup to work on your specific device, the device can automatically switch to using the cellular service connection if an adequate Wi-Fi connection isn’t available or if a cell tower connection is restored. This may result in dropped calls/failed text messages if the carrier doesn’t support mid-call/mid-text handover between the two connections.

Although Wi-Fi calling is a great option for areas with little to no cell tower signal, it is still a relatively ne w technology. Therefore, some mobile carriers and smartphones may not support Wi-Fi calling. For more info on how your specific device utilizes Wi-Fi calling, contact your mobile carrier.