1: The most common cause of buffering when using a streaming device (Roku, Firestick, etc.) or Smart TV is the device itself.

Test: Try using a different device in the same room (computer, tablet, phone) to watch any video while your program is buffering. If you can watch a video in the same location on one device and not another, it is generally safe to assume the issue is with the device.

Solution: Unplug the streaming device from the power outlet and the TV (if Smart TV, just unplug it from the outlet). Leave it disconnected for at least 45 seconds then plug in and try again once the device boots up.

2: Streaming services occasionally have issues.

Test: If you can play a video on one streaming service (Youtube TV) and not on another (Netflix) using the same device, then it generally a temporary issue with the streaming service.

Solution: Restart the streaming app | restart the streaming device | uninstall & reinstall the streaming app. These steps may help with a streaming service glitch.

3: There may be a router issue.

Test: If your video is buffering check at least one other device at the same time to see if it performs tasks online as expected. If the issue is happening on more than one device assume a WiFi or router issue.

Solution: Unplug the router from the power outlet. After 45 seconds, plug it back in and allow 5 minutes for it to reboot, then try again.

If these steps to not solve the buffering problem, give us a call for help troubleshooting.